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Thursday, March 06, 2008

8 months and some days later...

It's been a while since this bad boy was updated. With the advent of a new job, new computer, new condo, a couple of vacations, and some goings on (not to mention begging by fans) I suppose its time.

To start are some new condo pictures to satiate your curiosty and fulfill all the promises I made to deliver them.

There are more rooms than i showed. But thats enough. Here are just a couple mexican pictures from september.

Mexico City - wheres his guitar?


Blogger BoneSymphony said...

I guess you thought the photo of the beers and tequila was soo good, you opted to put it twice.....

11:36 PM

Blogger Joe said...

And to think I was seconds away from removing you from my blogroll.

12:39 PM

Anonymous PianoMan said...

Methinks your spiffy-looking pad would look spiffier with a home theatre system to go w/ your flat-screen TV! :oP

9:34 PM


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