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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Yeah, so its been a while since i posted. Thats basically becuase its been that inbetween seasons sort of time when you dont really do anything outside. So, no good pics lately. But, now it would seem that winter is here for serious no kidding around so i should have some lovely way sub-zero adventures at some point soon. Until that happens here is a nice story of suffering and untold agony:

I stood in the -27C weather for 20minutes while we waited for someone to come by and boost Mark's truck. During this time i contemplated the merits of electric socks. In that temperature your toes hurt when you stand in one place for a little while in hiking boots and those thin socks that match your work pants. It also hurts while they are warming up. Moral of the story is that as a game freezing your toes is not nearly neat.

Marks truck needing a boost was largely a function of procrastination and electricity. A battery blanket does not work without being plugged in, unlike battery socks which do.

Speaking of electricity, cause i was.... Static electricity is really bad in my apartment. Everytime i walk down the hall and go to exit my floor i have to touch a doorknob. Like in Office Space I get a shock everyday... its bad enough that I have to psych myself up for it. And sometimes ill touch the wall and it will shock me. Its a good enough shock that you can feel it all the way into your shoulder.

Also of note on the 29th of December (a friday) i will be convening a planner conference in toronto somewhere to discuss the influence of being under the influence on planning decisions.

Thats it for now. Send me electric socks or batteries for them.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yellowknife at night.

Moon over the Great Slave Lake. Had to be there, this photo does no justice.

Im thinking of renting this place.