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Monday, May 14, 2007

Still alive.

It's ok. I'm still alive. No posts recently. I've just been busy putting up a clothes line to hang my sweatpants on. Just for my sweatpants. Not for my socks. Because it's spring now its warm enough during the day for drying. For instance, it's about 11p.m. and still plenty light out. That's a lot of daytime. That's a lot of dry sweatpants. Working lots. Its busy. So I need more dry sweatpants than usual. What sort of Pupblic Servant does overtime? This one. That's why I need a sweatpants line. To dry more jogging pants. Here's some pitctures of some recent events. No sweatpants though, sorry.

Welcome to McDonald's Yellowknife where nothing is as it seems and everyone wears sweatpants.

Patio season has arrived. Lee-Anne and I are relaxing on the roof. This is friday evening for the rest of the summer.

Mark. Hangin'. Actually there's something sinister going on but were not gonna get into it. No sweats here.

From the roof we can check the line at the BLACK KNIGHT. May be some sweatpants in the back alley.
Yeah. Karaoke apartment party. That was a little too funny. Still no sweatpants.

Elf house.

Raptor containment unit. A la Jurassic Park.