Accounts of living in Yellowknife (a work in progress, this site and my life)

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Here's some pics from the Easter weekend 5day Calgary vacation from Yellowknife. 40 hours of driving and a couple days in the City are hopefully enough to make yellowknife seem that much bigger and less monotonous. The long awaited Calgary pictures area below for those of you who have yet to see them.

The NWT Highway No. 3.

Left after work on the thursday and arrived in High Level, AB at 1:33 AM. Stayed at the Flamingo Inn. This 5-star resort was lovely.

Janice and Mark. According to Janice's smile the back is pretty comfortable, though I wouldnt know as I managed to avoid it pretty well.

Big friggin beaver tail pancake breakfast.

After High Level there was Peace River. Cool place with a river built on a flood plain, lots of dirt roads in town and the Moon Saloon/Liquor store.
Stayed with Jesse - friend from high school. His townhouse is at the end of the walk here. This is margaret. She got tired of sitting in the back of Mark's truck and got her own car. It went pretty good.

There is a mall downtown calgary with a City park on the 4th floor.

This is the Dim Sum that defeated me. May it live on forever in my tummy.
This lady made me 100 frozen dumplings for $15. It was too warm on the way back so they solidified into 2 really really big dumplings in their bags while sitting in the back of the truck.
Went to infamous the infamous Cowboys bar on saturday night.
After Cowboys Jesse tried to inhale a sausage and almost had his eyes pop out.

Got tired of walking so we rented a limo.

Mark got tired of not hanging his ass out of the limo window and hung his ass out the limo window.

Goodbye Calgary.
Next stop Mayorthorpe. Pretty wicked place really.
I especially liked the part where it was sort of out of a horror movie.
This place served wicked chinese food with a side of heartburn.
Stopped at the Alexandria Falls near Enterprise.
More like poo falls.
Crossing the ice road on the mackenzie was fun. It closed the friday after we got back and as we were crossing it there was about a foot of overflow and slush.

Then the long and boring drive back to Yellowknife where spring has finally started to warm things up and the sun is shining - bring on the summer.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What has gone before and What is yet to come +1 rum and coke.

Calgary countdown = 2 mornings and im outta here. That'll be a nice 1700km drive.

As for this past weekend we had some glorious, albeit cold, windy weather. If we were talking you might ask me if it were good enough for ice fishing. I might say it was. You could ask how I knew. I would respond that its primarily because I went and dug through 4 feet of ice and didnt catch anything.
Apart from some ice fishing i engaged in some celebratory travels to the city's fine taverns. Being celebrated was a friends 3rd anniversary in Yellowknife. For your visual sensory engagement see ice fishing only pics below. No photo proof of my wanton debauchary this week. Thatll have to wait until im back from calgary.
Lee-ann auguring.

Making holes.

My turn to bore.

Mark and Lee-ann waiting for fish.

We had a bet that either canned minnows or canned marshmallow bait would do the trick. No one won as we didnt catch anything. We need a deeper lake.

These are canned minnows from canadian tire. They smelled pretty good so we ate some.

Lee-ann drinking from a giant scotch bottle.

Frozen canadian tire minnow.

This weeks beer commercial.

Lounging while waiting for fish who never came.

This is what i wear to black tie events in YK.