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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The sun sort of hits the horizon then travels sideways and comes up again...

Part of the view from the north window.

The horizon only kind of looked like this.... play with a camera enough and it takes interesting pics.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am so sad...

That Ive decided not to go to NYC with all you friends from U.Waterloo. I just couldnt rationalize the 2000$ in airfare. I'm only leaving here at xmas it looks like... and hopefully then for a good three weeks at least.

This place begins to grow small at times, but then you relize that there is a lot that is left undone and yet to do. So, its still ok. I had today off work a sit was Aboriginal Day which more or less coincides with the solstice.... There was some sort of event in a park near the downtown... not entirely exciting but i ended up driving down the ingraham trail and going biking at Prelude Lake Park... and then played ball and went the the bar... summer here is fun, its just too bad i have to work tomorrow.

Given that its always light out, I miss the night time. I havent seen stars in months. Its amazing having endless summer sunny days to do with as you will.... but it would be nice here and there to enjoy a summer night. Since its light its easy to lose track of time.... 1130 seems like 8pm. Weird and not conducive to sleeping.

Also, of interest is that I graduated officially last week. Here are a couple links to friends pictures of said event.... i managed to represent myself there in some form as you'll see: and

Few pictures this week as all i did was bike a lot...however, there is one but it sucks because the cat isnt in it..... crows were attacking a cat who was sitting on the walkway ignoring them.

Anyway... thats it.

Crows and cat.. but wheres the cat?

Sunday, June 11, 2006


travel in herds. A herd of mosquitos is a scary thing. Playing softball this week was difficult as when you stood still long enough for the ball to be pitched so you could hit it a dozen bugs would attack your eyes. The other thousand would be obscuring your view of the ball and making a picnic of you. Coming in off the field with everyone meant brining in a veritable could of mosquitos and blackflies. My new friend lives in a can and is affectionately called bug spray.

The bugs mean fewer hikes until they die off somewhat.... ive got more bites than i can count. So more biking, meaning fewer pictures for now.

What else is new? Its still light out late. Got a new director (boss) at work. Going to try and move this coming weekend. Ive been here 6 months as of today. That is a long time for someone who hasnt spent more than 4 months in any one place for the past 3+ years thanks to the waterloo co-op program. As long as work stays interesting, things keep changing, im having fun, and I manage to ignore the isolation factor... all will be well.

I think i am convocating in absentia this coming week. Soon i will have another piece of paper from which to make an airplane or hang in my office or both. I hope the ceremony is incredibly boring for those who attend (which will make me feel better for not going) and that the partying is very good.

I took a couple sunrise pics last weekend, but was too lazy to post them. Here are two circa 4am last sat.

Again last weekend sat morn.

My new best friend.

11:59pm is this light out. Solstice is coming soon..... then it jsut gets darker.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where am I going?

To a different apartment. Finally and at the start of next month. Tomorrow I am looking at new and better buildings -hopefully child free and not so idiotsyncratic. Looks like a friend is coming up to experience the north so itll be a 2bdrm place which means theres tons more options of places to live. This one place has a rooftop patio but is expensive... despite the short summer season here, it would be nice to have a patio or balcony.

I got home from the relay for life on friday around 4am and was sitting around getting ready to get ready to go to bed and someone was throwing a huge tantrum in some apartment on my floor. Shouting the same stupid thing over and over again. What type of jackass throws a 4am shouting tantrum in an apartment? Its the type of situation that makes me want to hand out drop kicks like candy on halloween. And maybe I would have if I wasnt so sore from running around a track all night.

Note to self: dont live in this building again.

On a different note, I am covered in mosquito bites. Tried to go for a hike the other day and sort of did. Went down a trail to a lake, swatting away at mosquitos and blackflies - made it to the lake eventually. Stopped moving and all you could hear was a buzzing noise like a distant plane - never heard anything like it before. Unfortunately, there was no plane, this sound was made by the thousands on thousands of mosquitos out thirsting for my blood. I think i must have fed a couple hundred of them.

I was supposed to play softball today, but we got rained out. So today was spent watching a Band of Brothers marathon and trying to sell my jeep. I got 3 calls over the weekend from serious souding people. Maybe it will go soon!! That would be nice as I am looking forward to purchasing a beater car - something with some real character and rust.

Below you will find some pictures from my saturday of an animal, boats, and i forget what else - maybe thats it.

That brown thing is a muskrat.

2 boats and a view of the old town area from across back bay.

If I had a boat I would probably tie it here.

Picture of the Sail Club.