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Monday, August 28, 2006

I am back.

This dog exemplifies how hot it was in Greece. That place is a desert. Having got back home in one piece saturday night, I am still wickedly jetlagged. Go to bed at 9 wake up at 5am. Tons of fun. Also I am enjoying working again.... serisouly I am lots, really having fun cant stop.

Greece trip was good, hot, lots of scenery, beaches, columns, ruins, wine, beer, cocktails, tatziki (sp? - i ate it didnt spell it), salad (Greek, but they dont call it that - actually they do, i wonder what would happen if i just asked for salad?), fried squid, boats, planes, sunglasses and a hat.

I slept on a roof in Plakias in Crete for 2 nights... i wasnt overly impressed as due to some meteorologic phenomenon there were crazy winds constantly all night and day the entire time I was on the islands. The mountains in crete funnel the winds straight onto the roof making them strong enough to pick your legs up while you are sleeping. Here's a lovely video of me waking up and not being impressed.

Notice that I'm not impressed.

Lots of stories... In Athens i turned left instead of right out of my hostel and within 2 minutes was the only white tourist among over a thousand indian men... one of whom tried to grab my camera from my hand... however, being super of speed i was too quick by half. He then asked to see my camera, and being the curious type I asked why. The indian guy standing next to him looked at and said "No. Do not let him see your camera" in a very indian accent. So I just decided to leave the sketchy area.

Other stories get to wait as I am in need of some serious sleep. Going from sunny and 40C to rainy and 12C takes some adjustment and makes me want to sleep, not to mention the jetlag which is phenomenal.

Had some great times in toronto. Ill let Jasons blog fill you in on those (LINK), though I did post a couple of compromising pictures at the end of the Greece ones.

As for the Greek pics.. they are in relatively little order as I have relatively little method to my madness. AHHOOOGATBBBADBA - see? Mad. Enjoy, im going to bed.

Santorini Artemis Village (my hotel) doorway.

A lot of nice asses in Santorini.

Santorini - gate to nowhere, but its open.

Santorini - Donkeys! Could ride 'em down the cliffs to the old ports... always late for the boat so never made it.

Athens: Id have worn a toga, but it was too hot.

Athens is a nice place if you like stuff.

World cup fever still.

Athens: pillars of something

Iraklion harbour... I took this after no sleep for 3 nights and wasnt feeling the 40C.

This is red beach in Santorini.... rented a car and drove around all crazy, cause thats how you drive in europe, for a day and got here at one point for some expensive lounging... 8 euro for 2 chairs!

This is one of my favorite digital pics.... still have to get the film developed.

These english, wales, and irish guys stayed at our hostel. We went out for a boozy night with them. Nethery, the guy in green could be you he looks so much like you.

Went out for dinner. This poor irish fellow thought the tobasco was something not hot. So after liberally applying it to his potatoes he ate and with no preamble stripped his shirt in the middle of the restaurant, sweated, and said "its too hot" - because clearly it was. The owner rewarded us with shots of ouzo later on.

Sunset in Plakias.

Beach in Plakias! Laying on this beach was the hottest i have ever been in my life. Hot!

I wasnt going to post this, but it makes me laugh so I did. In Ricketeology this pose is known as the "im trying to make a point whithout falling over - wait, where am I?"

Max, there's something in your teeth.

Rickett and Adam right before they started making out... or not.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Why no posts?

I am going to Greece for two weeks starting tomorrow so no posts. Also, I had the good fortune to sell my Jeep in the past 2 days so no posts. Posts of international 'pg' adventures coming later.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Props to my soap.

I would like to take this opportunity to give credit where it is due. Its gone too long without. Im talking about my soap. Ive been using this dishsoap since I moved here... thats 7+ months now. Best 3$ ive spent lately... if only my beers lasted as long.

Hearings and presentations for the mackenzie valley pipeline are going on in town lately. It really shows the stratification of the society up here in the knife. Lots of hardcore green supporters living in old town.

I just found out that the archaic form of airline tickets is still in use by olympic air, who failed to notify me that i had to fax them something before they would mail my tickets. So tomorrow AM I will be giving them hell until they courier them to me overnight (if thats possible to yellowknife). Who uses real paper tickets anymore? So as of now, i have tickets here to frankfurt.... and then back from amsterdam to toronto and to here. Greece? not so much and 4 days to get the to here.

The frame for my degree arrived and will be put up at work so i can try and pull together whatever shreds of professionalism i have so i can slack off more....

This weekend was spent entirely at the beach. Perfect weather, too much sun and random parties with random kegs. Lots of fun.

Thats a lot of clean dishes.

Make the pipeline green the pipe on the bike says (in reference to the Mackenzie Valley pipeline). Good luck with that.

To prove I did in fact graduate and see the frame the 'rents bought me... see below.

I made this for Jeremy - former roomate. Its hanging in his office (cubicle) im sure.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fall is here...

almost. Ok - so questions first.... whos putting me up in toronto when im that way? Any takers? I dont snore, am a good spooner, and hold my liquor well.

The goings on:
Working and drinking. Got drunk with the boss and company on friday; went to a house party on saturday where womeone puked on my jacket and i had to throw it out as it stank even after washing it (just glad i wasnt wearing it when it happened); played - and won - a Dillon Consulting Group beach volleyball contest on sunday where i ate caribou steak; dragged my arse to work on monday; am getting pumped about Greece.

I will be continuing to drag my arse to work but am looking forward to monday off. Go stat holidays!! Camping or something maybe... off to take pics of random things on my new camera now. Speaking of pics... heres some below...

Worst storm in 10 years. Crazy lightning. Power goes out.

Two HUGE rainbows... no pot of gold. Very dissapointed :(

That's sunday volleyball.

Mark has a lot of Dolls. They are quite striking.