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Friday, December 08, 2006

Party monger.

Dearest Comrade Planners, Comrade Friends, Comrade Comrades: A Call to Arms.

Do you recall my previous visit to the great metropolis of Toronto town fresh from the hills of Greece and reeking of goats and feta covered olives? Do you recall the time I asked you all to grace the collective of “planners and friends” with your presences and beautiful faces? Well, the time has once again come where we descend upon an establishment of choice and supplant all authority which our sobriety may hold as we all try in earnesdt not to be kicked out before last call sends us on our singular ways once again.

This is a rally cry to attack the bastions of the Green Room at #296 Brunswick St on the 29th of December. This is a Friday. Comrades, you have no excuse to be absent.

The heydays of our schooling may have passed but we have discovered the ins and outs of life are only as complicated and mature as we allow them to be – and that is pretty much not at all. So consider this revolution - this celebration of our awareness of immaturity - to be our very real stab into the eye of that conformity that would make us drudge through our 9-5 lives and ruin the very lapels of our happiness tuxedos with tears of conformity.

To wit: on the evening of the 29th of December we shall be merry, we shall be cordial, we shall be drunk and we shall most definitely congregate at the Greenroom as the following information superhighway marker would indicate

Not here no more.

Depending on your temporal disposition I am leaving and/or have left on a jetplane. Im coming to Ontario for a period of not working time (holiday) where its warm and there is sunlight and the damn penguins and polar bears dont eat people they just co-habitate in a symbiotic fashion not that we have either of those animals up here.

I'll see some of you lots and lots of you none. So Happy Hlodiyas - whatever that is.

Therefore and subsequently no posts for a while.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Everything is covered in cold. This sign reads "no parking its cold".

A picture of the sun coming up around 10am on saturday. That building with the tall facade is the infamous gold range.

Parka people. Is the one on the right picking her nose? I wonder.... the light this night was indescribably surreal but this photo is edited so you have no idea.

This makes me laugh. Where's mark?

Went out to look at northern lights after curling and it sucked cause there was a full moon so lights were not seen very well. Full moon made for some haunting pics. Edited i will admit.