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Thursday, February 08, 2007

YK Houseboat dweller and a canoe video

Just found this video. I've been to this particular houseboat before - the one on the barge. Not sure its the lifestyle for me or how you get home at 4am from the bar and chinese food. It's worth a look.

You wish you were here.

Its really cold lately. Not colder, but with the increasing light I am ready for summer. Here are some pictures to slake your ravenous thirst for knowledge of my doings. No more bruce willis, for now.

I'm soon to start writing reviews for so you can look there sometime in the coming weeks for more crap ive disgorged, unless work kills me first which is a distinct possibility. Good thing were looking at a friday tomorrow.

This first picture of Greg is going on the cover of the Parka calendar - yellowknife's answer to sports illustrated's swimsuit edition.

Here we have a view from the top and away from Cameron falls - lovely isnt it.

Just a tree next to a rock.

This is also just a tree.

Here there are no trees cause its the ice road from Dettah to Yellowknife. Friggin cold.

That's all.