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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween comes early in the north.

Work parties have their moments.... this Halloween had a shot contest between a couple Directors sitting a few tables away and Mark and I. Funny at the time to us and still pretty humorous was when the mayor became a bystander casualty of one our shot salvos. Another moment was when I won best costume for $100. That money went pretty quick.

Anyway, heres some pictures of the winning costume. And here is a link to my retarded roomate.

Its hard to drink with all that beard.... so one solution presented itself.

Someone won the costume contest. That $100 prize bought a lot of drinks and a lovely hangover.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


A weekend full of parties, booze, hangovers, miracle recoveries, and a hike with hotdogs and fire. Here are some pics of the latter... im exhausted.

I can see for miles and miles.

Lonely clump of grass.

This half dead, frozen, frosted moss looked like artichoke spinach dip.

Mark has this thing for his hatchet... he likes it a lot.

Midpoint of the hike. Hidden lake on the horizon.

Explored some crevaces

Pano pic from the top of the highest rock outcrop overlooking hidden lake.... its really a big lake, maily can just see one leg of it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

And then my head EXPLODED>

I had my birthday a couple of days ago so bought myself a nice guitar and spent too much money... no longer allowed to do that (for a little while).

Went to a bar and found this wetnap and decided to figure out what it is that makes these little devils clean so well and then my head exploded.

I cant figure out how and what and why and how and the reason for and how no one noticed the basic contradiction on the reverse of the wetnap. BaM <-- my head.

Other picture is when I went out to look at northern lights which were not in fact out very strong that evening.... so hell damn hell, i just took a picture of the YK skyline and went home passing some very drunk natives in the dark of a forest. Two ships passing in the night.


Cleans and refreshes without soap or water.... CONTAINS: Water, fragrance & Soap! This is the part where my head explodes.

Yellowknife at night from across frame lake.... isnt it fun? Encountered drunken stumbling natives on the return walk in pitch black darkness.... initially went looking for northern lights, but they werent out very strong.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mr. Tea, on sale.

Formed in an industrializing country by a child from cheap ceramic, this finely detailed tea pot has been after market modded by a fine rendering of a face. This is an instant masterpiece and would look good on any mantlepiece or just full of tea. Now on sale for only $50 (limited time offer, does not include shipping and handling).

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Buffalo Bill? Meet Bison Brian.

Havent updated lately as Ive been laying down some o/t at work on my last couple weekends, so havent really had anything worthwhile to post.

Took friday off and didnt do a damn thing. Saturday mark and i decided to give his new truck a workout and drove 461 km south to look at some waterfalls at Twin Falls gorge and make friends with bison. Here's some pictures - a couple didnt load right, but click on them and they will load in full. Enjoy them with your happy thanksgiving turkey!

Mark driving his new truck out of yellowknife in the rain

Some fuzzy idiot.

We went to Rae, a settlement 100 km from Yellowknife. This is downtown Rae - seriously a fun time.

Creepy swingset.

Spooky church in Rae.

Someone thought that posing thus on the way out of Rae would be funny. Definitely cold. NOTE: Mark is not actually taller than me... i think im standing in a hole.

We really wanted to see some Bison - were very excited about the prospect.

For a while all we found was Bison poo... but that soon changed.

This one's my friend.

We found lots of Bison, must have seen over 100 there and back.

This is what infinity looks like.

Alexander Falls

Alexander Falls... I think they call them "falls" as water sort of "falls" over them, but im not sure.

Some bloody idiot still thought this was funny. And I suppose it was...

This is me pointedly not taking a pee. Seriously, m not peeing and im really not pointing at anything in particular. This is a cool pile of rocks though.

This is just some cool rock formation. I would have climbed it, but just like walking to the moon,it wasnt something i was up for that day.

Action Shot: this looks like im rock climbing with a greasy gino hairdo and a squinty pirate eye. Well, the truth is that Im rock 'standing on one', didnt shower, and its bright out.

My shadow on top of Alexander Falls... ive got a little head.

Louise Falls....

The river channel just below the falls. Water was low this time of the year.

Evening bison in front of the Mackenzie River...

The moon through the trees somewhere on the highway late at night.