Accounts of living in Yellowknife (a work in progress, this site and my life)

Monday, June 25, 2007


As far as I can tell National Aboriginal Day is a good day to be fishing instead of working. As there is no longer a "dawn" here we set sail at a luxurious 10am in search of adventure, treasure and fame. We were not to be dissapointed on any account. This is our tale.

Fell upon some houseboats with a vengeance and burned those unnatural habitats to their waterline.

Were subsequently sent on our way by some savvy float planes.

Arrived at our hideway and proceeded to look for some booty.

Found a tent frame and made some fire and drank some vino.

Oh, look. Someone caught a little fishy.

FISH ON! Excitement. Adrenaline. I have so far had 3 lures eaten by fish.

FISH OFF! This is actually as inhumane as it punching a fish.

Mark in his "mincing pansy" oh gosh... is that a fish!? [wristflip] mode.

He got over it.
Michaelin getin'er did. Absolutely impressed by the situation.

Somewhat slimier than anticipated. That fish smell follows one around for days on end coming to the foreat the most awkward of times.

50lbs of fish later what are you gonna do?

Cook it. Eat. It.

Looks really good. It was in fact really good.

Someone got wet fish butt. Sat on some fishy gutty gloves. Sat next to the fire. Scandalous fish jokes were hard not to make.

Dave. Boatowner. Fisherman. Loungelizard supreme.

Give it a day of miserable work interlude and find us all in heaven at the beach in 20+ weather, which is as warm as you can ask for. I spent the weekend trying to even out my sunburn.

Some peeps soaking sun as I do.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pretty much summer... almost

Summer is finally upon us. What this means is drinking on the roof at 4 am wondering if its worth going to bed at all because the sun is already up. Sleep is for the weak. Then you get kicked off and thats the end of that.

Fishing time.

Mark's all - what do i do if i get a fish. Fish are all - your not gonna get me.

Jeremy's all - king of the castle, bring me some fish. Then you find a higher hill and you have to climb it too.

Jenn and Michaelin are all - some day im gonna invent a hill thats all down cause downhill is kicks.

Then the zen lazy fishing begins again.

Marks all - haaaaaaaay guys, whatcha doin?

Now its a waiting game until its warm enough to kill endless weekends floating in inflatable dingys.