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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cold Days, Colder Nights....

The following are a few pics from the cold YK winter to give you an idea. Mostly this is ice fog from around -40C.

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Wrong side of the tracks.

Its a 50's time warp.

This was the beginning of the end of all-day drinking. Paul got off work and was required to catch up by drinking 3 brown drinks.

Mike loves his chinese food.
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Larkin petting goats at the petting zoo - victoria.

Fish market Seattle... cant remember the name of the market, but theres only one market in downtown seattle where they throw fish.

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All these are from Victoria.

Proof im alive.

Wind is predominant from the left.


View from a park. I forget wich one.
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Vancouver Skyline from halfway up a mountian.

Teaparty, pre-realparty

View from Piers Island near victoria where we stayed for the night.

Piers Island Beach.
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Dad and Larkin Visit Yellowknife

Top of the pilots monument... the tourist staple view.

Sitting in front of the pilot monument itself.

Dad - Frozen.

The kiteskiiers were out in force.
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

8 months and some days later...

It's been a while since this bad boy was updated. With the advent of a new job, new computer, new condo, a couple of vacations, and some goings on (not to mention begging by fans) I suppose its time.

To start are some new condo pictures to satiate your curiosty and fulfill all the promises I made to deliver them.

There are more rooms than i showed. But thats enough. Here are just a couple mexican pictures from september.

Mexico City - wheres his guitar?